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Ideas on how to Flourish in Sex Slavery Versus Most Seeking (1,780 terms and conditions) Comment-fic having eliade, prompt: John/Rodney–thraldom thraldom slavery Bondage

Ideas on how to Flourish in Sex Slavery Versus Most Seeking (1,780 terms and conditions) Comment-fic having eliade, prompt: John/Rodney–thraldom thraldom slavery Bondage

Cruising Altitude (2,116 terms and conditions) It actually was such as for instance drawing a line, try the thing: the fresh new line folks constantly wished to draw, that have Kris on one hand and you will Adam on the other. (Adam/Kris/Tommy) Art: from the katekat1010 (1)

Proof of the Paradox (nine,800 words) What sucked extremely is actually the sinking feeling one to McKay is actually dealing with the whole thing better than he was

This new Ebony Front (seven,676 terms and conditions) “You aren’t a great Jedi, have you been?” the fresh new Sith Lord said. “Oh, excuse me, I am good Jedi,” Rodney said. Art: because of the Cylin (1), because of the into the-the-bottles (1), by the ravurian https://getbride.org/no/varme-asiatiske-kvinner/ (1) Podfic: by general_jinjur

Wants Myself Not (4,777 terms) It was just eg a glaring show destroy throughout the and work out

However One thing Never ever End Becoming Comedy (step 1,636 words) Which story starts within Madelyn’s They Ends Being Comedy During the Dresses, requires the newest optional scenic channel together Bone’s Skirting the problem, (all of you is read very first), following veers out of and you can requires the side highway during the an excellent some other recommendations. Madelyn and you may Limbs was in fact nice adequate to let me play as well. 🙂

The second Big date (509 conditions) Commentfic getting megolas, prompt: SGA, McKay/Sheppard. Inspiration: Every step we get that is synchronized/The busted bones/Reminds me personally of your second big date/That i used you house.-Placebo, Bitter-end

No Refunds Or Exchanges (eleven,088 terms) It ought not to have been you to definitely difficult to get an excellent let. Composed into the Harlequin complications. Art: by Livia (1) Podfic: by standard_jinjur

Compassion (step one,613 conditions) John stared off from the their hand, a small numbly, seeing Rodney link brand new enough time leather band more than and you will significantly less than their wrists, binding all of them to each other. Podfic: by the deltacephei

Can not Have one Without having any Most other (step 3,225 terminology) “Okay,” John told you, when they was basically securely from the ceremonial hallway. “It doesn’t enter the new purpose accounts. I clear?”

In the event that Here Feel Thorns (step three,012 terminology) It might not have been absolutely nothing, whatsoever.Follow up to Julad’s Under the Flowers. (McKay/Sheppard/Zelenka)

  1. Thinking. Worried about the brand new a priori otherwise intuitive foundation of knowledge since the separate of expertise.
  2. Exceeding all others; superior.
  3. Past well-known imagine or experience.
  4. Math. Regarding or based on a real or complex amount that’s not the root of every polynomial who may have self-confident studies and you may mental coefficients.

chambers of the sea (595 terms) Gen, Sheppard POV. I have lingered from the chambers of ocean Of the sea-girls wreathed having seaweed purple and you can brownTill peoples voices wake all of us, and we also drown.

Favourite (thirteen,276 terms) Arthur was tipped back resistant to the wall surface, their throat open having air and observing the small arrow-slit windows more Merlin’s lead, seeking to figure out how it could actually become one to an excellent that have Merlin, of the many individuals. Podfic: by the fleur_rochard

The Top of one’s June Court (24,773 terms) “The king delivered me to enable you to get,” Merlin told you, which have a color that suggested strongly which he wasn’t running his eyes where Arthur often see, but just wait until his right back is turned. “The guy said you are locate changed into formal dresses and you may satisfy your on the High Hallway, you will find a beneficial delegation coming from the Summer Courtroom.” Art: from the trolleys (1, dos, step 3, 4) Podfic: of the fayjay

Sweltering (1,085 terms) The castle try sweltering on midsummer temperatures, rocks breathing damply in sun’s level whenever perhaps the sky lays however.

Injukyoshi (step one,694 conditions) Okay, very possibly they had not started a knowledgeable idea to attack this new giant tentacle monster. Podfic: from the tatsumaki

You to definitely Shall Reach the Blade (5,772 terms and conditions) Arthur had simply started to get really agitated, rather than the lowest-amounts and you may long lasting Merlin-is-late-once again annoyances that somehow was able to getting endearing — and how exactly Merlin had handled one to, Arthur create really have appreciated to know, primarily therefore he may figure out how to use it on Uther. (preslash)

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