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Things to say to an effective venezuelan girl

Things to say to an effective venezuelan girl

Venezuelan slang is one of the most book in most off Latin The united states. Over the past long-time, I have had the fresh advantage off fulfilling and you can making friends with a beneficial countless younger Venezuelans.

It’s always a delight in order to satisfy individuals from other countries. Although similarities are present within this Latin american places as well as their society, slang conditions are among the most notable differences possible observe among Foreign-language audio system for the Main and you can South america.

One particular curious region throughout the Venezuelan slang terms is not actually the fresh terms and conditions by themselves, although definition tasked them, that is entirely book so you’re able to Venezuela.

One of these is the Venezuelan slang term bulto, that can exists into the Guatemala, but enjoys a special definition. Continue reading to see the real difference.

Possibly, a popular slang keyword in one single country try incorrect in the another. The clear presence of such confusion is known and primarily leads so you can a laugh otherwise a couple and you will a straightforward time from forgiveness.

Today we will be looking a maximum of commonly used Venezuelan jargon, to help you prepare for your upcoming excursion, otherwise treat the new Venezuelan buddy with some the fresh terms and conditions!


Bulto essentially function a mass or a lot of money of things-so that as I pointed out, so it word is obtainable when you look at the Guatemala and carries inside which general meaning. It is also used to describe swelling and you can shocks. Although not, when you find yourself travelling Venezuela and you will people comes to an end you to definitely tell you which you forgot the bulto, they truly are more than likely maybe not talking about any lumps or shocks! Bulto for Venezuelans setting “backpack,” thus whenever you go to college or university, hiking, or to an effective sleepover, remember when deciding to take the bulto to you!

Pana the most famous Venezuelan slang terms and conditions. Typically regularly determine family otherwise friendship, pana is just one of the first Venezuelan jargon conditions you will then see should you ever check out the nation. You might say esos chicos young buck mis panas otherwise esas chicas young buck mis panas (those individuals dudes/girls try my pals) to share with you your number of family members. Depending on the context, pana may describe some one who’s got a friend. Because the a keen adjective, it’s much like the phrase “cool” https://kissbrides.com/no/rubrides-anmeldelse/ inside the English.


That it term is not exclusively an excellent Venezuelan jargon keyword, however you will listen to it indeed there still. Guachiman relates to a good patrol or protection shield. Given that Latin America isn’t the safest off metropolises, having guards from inside the just about any societal organization try commonplace. I have seen of numerous travelers and you will group amazed of the armed shields during the entry so you can McDonalds, but given that a city I have discovered to help you song them out and even no longer see all of them.

  • guachi = see
  • man = guy


It has been a bit due to the fact I’ve been to the form of bonche. Which keyword means all categories of celebrations. Weddings, birthdays, proms, and you may poetry slams are typical bonches. Far away, this term most often describes crowds of people-occasionally mobs-in Venezuelan jargon, bonche is actually booked to own jolly individuals and you will good times only.


I’ll recognize this package is very funny. Dinosaurio is a type of noun that you may currently be acquainted that have. Translated because “dinosaur,” dinosaurio commonly have an entirely other definition when used by a great Venezuelan. While we display new formal concept of the word, Venezuelans additionally use dinosaurio to spell it out inexpensive, penny-grabbing some body. Why is one to? Really, certain dinosaurs (especially the T-rex) have quite small arms, definition they can not continue these to leave you currency, or an effective pat on lead actually. So all the cheap members of Venezuela becomes named dinosaurio will eventually, even though they do not deserve it.

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